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Justin’s workshop has really changed my journey as a guitar student. It was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. Playing guitar for a full week surrounded by other motivated guitar students is unique and of course having Justin teaching you live is incredible. I think I learnt much more in this one week than what I learnt in the past 6 months. Furthermore, all the people in the class and Justin are still in touch and remain friends.
— Leo Bego (Venezuela)
The week in Tuscany was incredibly great! Justin is an excellent teacher, the whole workshop, the food, the place, all the people around there where perfect! One week ‘in the bubble’ only music, a lot of fun and many eye-opening moments! Thank you Justin!
— Juergen Hengsberger (Switzerland)
The Tuscany workshop was amazing. Playing lots of guitar, making new friends and just having a good time in a wonderful region - a perfect combination. Justin is a really nice guy and a great teacher who sped up my learning process significantly. If you have the chance to attend one of Justin’s workshops don’t miss it!
— Simone Musahl (Germany)
Justin’s Tuscany workshop is so good, so inspiring, that it’s become a yearly event for my wife and I. Fantastic people, amazing food, and then there’s the guitar stuff! If you’re like me and love playing the guitar there is no better place to be.
— Richard Williams (USA)


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