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2019 Introducing Electric Jamming

  • Castello di Montegridolfo, SPA Resort Montegridolfo, Emilia-Romagna, 47837 Italy (map)

Introducing Electric Jamming!

These will be ELECTRIC (acoustic won’t work) and it is calling Introducing Electric Jamming – aimed at early intermediate level – you will need Power Chords, Open Chords, basic strumming and at least a little experience with barre chords and playing whole songs! A little experience soloing with blues scales will help – but we’ll be covering that too!


June 23-29 (SOLD OUT)

September 8-14

Location: Montegridolfo (Rimini)

Hotel: Castello di Montegridolfo Spa Resort (

Due to demand, and Justin’s cutting down on the number of workshops in 2019, there will be 24 students in the class. The venue is awesome so it’ won’t feel cramped – in fact it’ll be super cool for the performances and will feel like a proper audience! The one is June was super cool, the vibe from the bigger group when performing is really special!

There will be 2 teachers – Justin and his good friend Pete Whittard, he was Justin’s teacher when he studied at the Guitar Institute, then friend and colleague and then bandmate for over 7 years! He’s one of the most inspiring teachers we’ve known and a really great mate – and a fab guitar player!

We’ll do one song each day and they are Satisfaction (Rolling Stones, Green Onions (Booker T). Highway To Hell (AC/DC), Hard To Handle (The Black Crows) and – in the morning there will be 2 hours of song prep classes (1 hour with Justin, one with Pete) where we’ll look at the song that we’ll play that day and any related stuff. After lunch there (couple of hours break) the group will divide into 2 – the first 12 will jump in and play with the band (90 minutes with a bassist and drummer!) and get feedback from Pete or Justin (they alternate!) – while the other 12 will go have a lesson with Justin (or Pete) on related electric guitar stuff including how to get a cool sound, effects, techniques like string bending, vibrato, pentatonic scales and improv and useful band skills like reading charts and communicating with the band (the secret language of eyebrows!).

It’s going to be a pretty full on day from 10 until 7 for 5 days in a row – but it will be a LOT of fun and for those that have not played with a band before – We look forward to watching the smile when you start rocking with the band.

The cost of the workshop is £1099 and we’ll need a deposit to secure your place – book in with Carlo first, first come first served!

The hotel room prices for 6 nights range from 912-1200 EURO for single rooms and 1356 to 1644 EURO for double rooms (if you bring a partner) – sort this out with Carlo after your booking is confirmed.

As usual, to confirm your place or if you have questions about logistics, transport or any of that – please email the legend that is Don Carlo direct at

Please download the registration form  HERE

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